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Epic Facebook Audio Message

About once a year I lift up the microwave, and seek out the crumbs, fluff, biros and bottle tops that accumulate there.
I gather up this lost stuff with a wet cloth, briefly consider a healthier lifestyle, then move on to something more interesting.
The “Others” folder of the Facebook messenger is the internet equivalent of the slim world under the microwave.
Junk mail, project proposals and letters of love and hate from total strangers end up here.
Last month when I checked it and found an audio message from Facebook Character “J****B***”.
Who even knew you could leave audio messages on Facebook?
Much like the finding of a 5 euro note in an old coat, this message made my day, and now I would like to share it with you, in animated form.

Enjoy, and sign up to the Kommissar Tapechain below, for free mixtapes in the post.

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